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Fear often keeps patients away from the dentist. The dental anxiety is too much to handle and consequently, they avoid the dentist altogether. This can lead to cavities and other oral problems that could be prevented with consistent dental check-ups. If you find yourself in the same situation and struggle with dental anxiety even through short dental visits, consider sedation dentistry! Sedation dentistry helps you feel completely at ease throughout your entire visit and makes your appointment seem as though it only lasted a few moments. You’ll be amazed when your dentist is telling you the visit is already over! Leave worry behind and take the steps to a healthier smile by taking advantage of sedation dentistry. We offer Free Nitrous for new patients! Call today to learn more!

*New patients only.

Yes, sedation can be given in pill form, through an IV or with nitrous oxide (known as laughing gas) with the use of a face mask. Depending on the type of visit you will be scheduling, the dentist can help determine which sedation would be best.

With nitrous oxide, sedation will only last during your appointment. As soon as your visit is complete, the dentist will remove the mask and the sedation will start to wear off within minutes. With oral and IV sedation, the effects last longer and you will need to bring along someone to drive you home after your visit.

Sedation dentistry helps you feel deeply relaxed and at ease. Sedation helps take the anxiety away and keeps surrounding sounds and smells from bothering you. You’ll feel drowsy and may remember only moments from your appointment or not remember the appointment at all. The sedation helps the appointment seem as if it was only a few minutes!

Yes, if you are in need of numbing or pain medicine before the procedure, this can be given along with the sedation. You will be at ease and comfortable throughout the entire visit.

Yes, many patients who have suffered from dental anxiety are finally able to relax through their visits, and now are comfortable making appointments with their dentist to maintain their healthy smile! Sedation dentistry can also make the difference for you!


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