Traditional Braces

Having straight teeth is better for your oral health in that it helps you maintain a healthier smile. With straight teeth, you can floss easier and brush more effectively. When your teeth are crooked or misaligned, it is harder to keep them clean. Braces can give you the straight smile you’ve always wanted and your teeth will become easier to keep healthy.

Traditional metal braces have come a long way from where they began. With the metal being thinner and lighter than ever, traditional braces are no longer as bulky and uncomfortable as they once were!

How do traditional braces work?

Small brackets are attached to the front of each tooth and arch wires are attached to the brackets to guide the straightening of the teeth. As your teeth slowly move, the wires are adjusted to keep the teeth moving in the right direction. Your teeth will slowly and steadily move into place until they are straight. Once they are straightened, your doctor will remove the braces and give you a retainer to wear to keep the teeth from shifting. When you come in for your first appointment, your doctor can help determine how long the straightening process will take.

If you are in search of traditional braces in Blythe, CA, call our office today. Your longing for straight teeth can end by taking the first step towards a beautiful smile!